George was born in Liverpool (1944) of Welsh/Irish parentage. Brought up in North Wales, he joined the army (Royal Engineers) aged seventeen and travelled the world over. In 1984 he retired from the army, married Ermine and later to moved to Westerlo, Belgium. In 1993 his heart problems began and in 2002 he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. In 2007 he received a book of poems written by his American friend Dolly and he decided to have a go at writing poetry. 
The rest is history!

The poems in this book are based on me, family, friends, doctors and other people involved in my life. Comedy & Tragedy could be my middle names and this is reflected in my style of poetry. It is a bit raw in places and risqué in others. This first time effort is my way of demonstrating that life goes on, regardless of personal circumstances. A shaking right hand makes my writing meander and hence I call that 'poetry in motion'.



The proceeds from the book go to those in need suffering from Parkinson's disease.